A Guide To Repairing Water-Damaged Drywall

9 December 2014
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As a building material, drywall has the benefit of being relatively cheap and easy to work with. One of its principal drawbacks, however, is that when it is exposed to water, it is prone to collapse. If you would like to learn more about the process of repairing drywall that has suffered water damage, read on. This article will introduce you to some of the basic strategies involved. Testing for water damage Read More 

SOS: Three Signs Of Septic Overflow Not To Ignore

8 December 2014
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If you own a home, you are probably all too familiar with how many things there are to upkeep and service. While it's important to make sure that all major systems in your home are serviced and in good working order, there is one system that really needs your attention – the septic system. From washing dishes to taking showers to flushing the toilet, your septic system is used on a constant basis. Read More 

3 Considerations When Choosing A Water Well Location

5 December 2014
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Did you recently purchase property that's not connected to the municipal water lines? Perhaps it's secluded or remotely located? If so, you probably need to drill a water well on the property. There are plenty of services that can handle the water well drilling for you. However, before you start drilling, you'll need to find the right location. That can be a tricky process. Obviously, you'll want a location that yields a significant amount of water. Read More 

3 Things That You Should Do Before Starting Your Home Addition

3 December 2014
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Adding on to your home is a great way to achieve the look that you want while adding on extra space for yourself and your family, but it can be overwhelming to get started. Before you get started on the structure of your new home addition, make sure that you are fully prepared for the project. For example, you should do these three things before starting your home addition. 1. Excavate the Area Read More 

How To Prepare Your Swimming Pool For An Early Opening

1 December 2014
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If you are tired of the winter months and are ready to open your swimming pool up now, you could be having a hard time waiting for the summer months to hit. However, there are ways that you can prepare your swimming pool for a slightly early opening. If you follow these tips, you can have your swimming pool up and running, even if it's still springtime. Have a Steam Truck Come and Heat Up Your Pool Read More